Meet the team


Director: Bola Ranson

Bola Ranson is the Director of The Ranson Group of Companies. Having built his own personal portfolio of over £15m worth of residential and commercial properties he has an exceptional amount of experience and knowledge of the Residential and Commercial buying, selling, renting and managing processes. This experience has been applied to secure great value for money terms for Ranson UK Clients. Bola has over 2 decades sales experience and his ability to understand the needs of his clients and produce results accordingly has kept clients returning again and again to Ranson UK.

Mr Ranson also sits on the board of many Residential Management committees and gained a wealth of invaluable experience in regards to the way budgets are drawn, managed and reviewed across different developments. As a result Mr Ranson is able to view Residential and commercial developments from both the sides of the tenants and the landlords by working towards solutions to keep both parties happy.

Commercials Manager: Hari Manohar

Hari Manohar is the head of our Commercial Department. He has over 10 years sales experience across both the property and insurance sectors. Hari is a specialist in high yielding properties and is able to put together deals resulting in great value for money for both the buyer and seller. His great eye for detail and natural ability to spot great deals is a skill many clients have recognised and resulted in much repeat business for Ranson UK. Hari is also a property investor himself with a portfolio of houses and apartments across London.

Why does Hari like being a part of the Ranson UK team?

Unlike so many other sales teams people here work together to help drive though sales and complete projects. This is great for clients because although you will be assigned a project manager, should you call and your manager be unavailable most people here will have an awareness of your project and will do all they can to help you.

Residential Manger: Minal Harji

Minal Harji is the head of the Residential Sales and Lettings at Ranson UK LTD. Over the past 10 years he has become a Property Specialist having built his own strong yielding portfolio and a vast client base of National and International clients. Whether you are a first time buyer or are looking for a buy to let investment, Minal and his team can help you!

Minal is passionate about property and seeking out great deals for his clients as a result he has played a key role in driving business forward and delivering year on year growth.

Why does Minal like being apart of the Ranson UK Team?:

Everyone at Ranson UK is driven and keen to see the best for our clients.